Aubrey’s is a celiac safe bakery. We pride ourselves in our gluten free baking and make sure there is no cross contamination/cross contact happening during the whole process of baking, start to finish. From the moment our ingredients get placed in their bins, to the mixing of the batters, frostings, etc. to the packing and heating of our goodies. You can feel safe knowing that we do everything we can to keep our gluten free treats truly gluten free.

Dairy free

We also offer many dairy free items and gf/df items, too! We are more than happy to accommodate any requests you may have for gf, df and vegan options.

some of our most popular gf, gf/df items.

gf chocolate chip, almond clouds gf/df, gf/df pb cookies
gf sugar cookies
gf'/df pumpkin loaf
cosmick brownie, gf
mama b's crunchy stuff, gluten free
gf carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting